Howdy, friends and faithful followers.  I am just finishing my 4th book.  Another non-fiction safety manual directed for our senior citizens.  Well, heck, I am an older folk, even though I have trouble thinking of myself as vulnerable and what I call a “Universal Victim.”

Nothing personal if you are 60 and beyond (Sixty & Beyond is the title).  The universal victim remark is a predator’s perception, not necessarily reality.


Interested in never being a victim?  Of course you are.  Well, here are a few tips on staying safe in a universe where predators seem to be everywhere, their nostrils flaring, sniffing for victims.

  • Studies and my experience shows that Prevention and Awareness comprise about 97 to 98% of successful self-defense.
  • However, for us older folk, I punch that estimate all the way up to 98 to 99%.  After all, after 60 our reflexes slow, as well as our sight, hearing, balance, you name it.  The key becomes being able to avoid being selected as a victim.
  • Avoid selection by walking confidently – arms and legs moving contralaterally, head and eyes up and looking around.  Think about this:  whom do you think the lion will choose for its next meal, the zebra that is alert, moving, looking around and aware of the lion, or the zebra who hardly ever looks up and around, who seems unaware?  
  • Always carry something in your hand while in public (when practicable).  Keys with your finger inside the ring, perhaps.  Be aware and use improvised weapons which you probably have on or near you most of the time.  Keys, cell phones, books, wallet, purse, spatula, newspaper (rolled up tight and strike with the edge).
  • If selected, be aware that the bad guy will almost always use a distractio

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