Max Power Self-Defense

Since I am back to doing self-defense courses, I thought I should talk about some key self-defense principles. Readers, please contact me with any questions, problems, concerns, training issues, suggestions, and/or requests.

Sharing some thoughts here. Some pretty damn important thoughts, if I may say so. First, the most important element of effective self-defense is now and always has been MENTAL. That’s right. Sure, being quick of hand, wide of shoulder, and narrow of hip may be pretty, and I’ll speculate, can powder a baseball over fences way off in the distance, and, hell, maybe even shatter a swell defensive line so a running back can hip-swivel toward distant goal posts, but in a self-defense struggle, may mean little.

Unless, that is, that same athletic-looking fellow or gal possesses the one quality I always single out as crucial.

Unless he or she is WILLING AND READY TO apply his or her physical prowess against an attacker as quickly as possible

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