Left of Bang, briefly, comes our way from what was known as the Combat Hunter Course which taught our Marines what their conventional training did not.  What was that?  Specifically, not only how to deal with bad guys -but how to spot them in the first place, particular when they look & act like the good guys.  

Oh, and by the way, this Combat Hunter’s Course and Left of Bang is credited with saving the lives of hundreds of Marines in the Middle East and other dangerous places overseas.

So, let me ask you.  Do you think that learning how to detect the presence of a killer (active shooter) even though he or she is among your student body (schools), your congregation (churches, synagogues, temples, mosques) or factory (workplace) and looks and acts just like your most pious congregant, your most studious student, etc?

You ask me, I’d say damned skippy I do.

Especially since the theme of this and the last couple posts is how to prevent the next Sutherland (Texas) Baptist Church Massacre in your church, school, shopping mall, entertainment event, and/or workplace.

I think one of the critical issues with preparing for and managing an effective anti-killer program in your particular (populated) locale is that, basically, THE ENEMY IS UNIDENTIFIABLE!   The killer could be anybody….well, maybe not…by adopting a Left of Bang mentality, we can learn how to up the odds (from something like 25% to 88% accuracy) that you and/or your security can – with hawk-like skill -pick out he or she who is stalking you with deadly intent in such a way and in such a manner that the targeted prey (you) can begin and finish the process of turning active killer turning to inactive prey!


First things first.  What is “Bang?”  Well, folks, Bang is the catastrophe.  Bang is 50-some dead in Las Vegas, 20-some dead and dozens injured at the Sutherland Baptist.  Bang is what I am hoping to  prevent!  Ergo, Right of Bang is how the popo and the government almost always react.  AFTER the event.

But, by adopting a LOB (left of Bang) preventive mentality or attitude, we are going to act in such a way to plan for, detect, and stop the perspective killer well before any attack!

In the next post I will go inside our new LOB Prevention State-of-Mind.  Until then, stay safe.

The Hammer